Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A wave of good news~

Yesterday was a wave of good news flowing in...I received a email that two piece sold at the Flying Pig in Algoma Wis. and then I received a check in the mail from another piece that sold and I also received my banner I ordered...Blue Moon...I love it when you go to Door County Wis. and see all the banners waving to greet you at the store fronts and art galleries...so I purchased one when I went up last year for our anniversary and then I went to the site to see what they had for this year...and to see if any new ones came in and here you go "Blue Moon"   so as you see my new banner came...

So after I put my banner up and took the old one down, (need to wash it) I receive a phone call from Dillman's they need a answer by Saturday if I'm going to teach with the numbers that are coming in...it's 6 weeks away...(Laura's big adventure)  I was a bit overwhelmed and know when I'm in that kind of state best to  ask for a few grace days and get back to them....chatted with the husband and he says go for it...which I wanted to say Yes!  right off the bat.. but there are something to consider as of about 9 hours away and the gas the way it is...but I do need to let them know by Saturday because there are quite a few people that need to know for plane tickets....(dang how exciting, but I have to say I'm going even if the gas prices are high)

Well so much good stuff coming in waves...Oh yes there was an acceptance to my email request to be one of the people that make the date button for the Week of Art on the new site CreateMixedMedia You see them a row of dates and you can keep up to date as the week goes by...so I've got a deadline  April 22, to get 7 of those baby done for May 8th-14th...got to get to work in the studio...big time here...and still need to make those display panels slip covers...New class starts today... Session 3 today of Composition in Collage..this should be a fun class as we will be moving in and out of watercolor paper as a substrate and then into canvas and clay board...

off to get packing..Just living the dream on the waves of reality~


  1. Living the life - sweetly ! So glad for all your good news. May it keep on flowing that way !
    Happy Packing !

  2. Yeah Laura! Happy to hear all your good news... CONGRATS!

  3. Thanks Ladies...

  4. Living the Dream...what a gift...shine on!


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