Friday, April 29, 2011

Touched by a group of women.

Today I have a few things to tend to, but all is ready for the evening and tomorrow.  I will be presenting a collage workshop for a group of woman from the Little Company of Mary Hospital.  I've a got a van full of supplies sitting here in the living room ready to be load for set up tonight...I'm invited to join them for dinner and I'm not to say a word about who I am and what I do...(what's my line) Well...that's going to be hard...I'll be on my own self watching what I say...You see Carole's has been part if this for some time and they've been offering this retreat weekend for these woman now 6 years and it's amazing to hear about it...Carole has works with them every week helping them use art to deal with their life as they know it now with Cancer.  I'm already touched by this and I'm not even in the space to present...I said yes to doing this workshop over a year ago and I knew that it would be life changing for me...Well a few things to tend to and then some time in the woods to hang out with my good orderly direction. 

I would like to bring my camera and take picture but I'll have to see if that's OK first...


  1. This is sure to be a magical experience for all concerned. Providing a safe place to create and express their hearts will make all the difference to these women, I think.
    Enjoy the process, Lovely Laura.

  2. Kim, thanks I'm so looking forward to today and creating... a spiritural connection for sure..


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