Thursday, April 28, 2011

Second Weeks Assignment Composition in Collage Class session 3

In my class Composition in Collage at Naperville Art League Session 3 we had to take a break from classes for two weeks because the studio space needed to be use for the jurying of the Naperville River Walk Fine Art I've given my Students a assignment to complete..which meant I as the teach should have examples to show them..I've been getting busy at night time with the collage sketchbook, scissors, and a glue stick.  But the last one does have the paint in it. 

The hole assignment is about meeting the white page and how to start...without reference to a subject matter.. I've used many different ways to create a piece of art with a nice composition or lets say pleasing to the eye and these assignments are just sketches..not finished pieces of art...we as artists or creative ones always want the perfect finished piece so with that in mind, I have them my students working up concept or idea to work into their canvass and board the next two weeks.   My hopes are that they will change the composition and concept just a bit each time the repeat the layouts...Lets call it tweaking the composition. 

So with yesterdays assignment and today the first one is using a view finder and moving forward with the composition you find and letting it happen as you can see the top one doesn't follow it's not suppose to.
The second one is using a gesture line to guide you on where you will divide the section and place the of my favorites to work with...

and the last one is a bit different then the normal collage of there is more paint involved and the use of plastic wrap to smear the paints round and get a under painting going or as a Internet friend of my shared with me a little history going on before the main parts come..

Well off to clean the homestead today and finish the packing now for the're probably all tried of hearing me talk about packing...well if I didn't have to do it I wouldn't but it's part of the job that I don't pictorially like but will do to get to the better parts.

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  1. Love this, Laura! Love "homework"!


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