Sunday, April 17, 2011

journaling and demo-ing

Got a phone call from a dear friend, we've know each other for a good 19 years...artists, moms of four, passion to create a good home good meal and a good piece of art, love of family and a good man...When she called she had received two journal entries I made and sent to her. I have been wanting to do this for a while...I do so much personal journal writing and I don't send letters like I use to but lately this year I've put into practice a new but very old thing. Sending letters but I've added a twist to mine... I'm using book pages and tearing out pages and using them as the substrate and then putting down there more like random thoughts that I know the person receiving them can relate to. She was so elated and excited by it she had to call.  She said what I wrote was just how she had been feeling and that how honesty is so important and it had her opening up to me like no other time...something has happen in our friendship that is so cool and being both artists we are continuing this friendship the only way we know how is to be that woman, passionate, caring and creating.. I had noticed the friendship straying a bit and I thought it was to important to was her mother that said you don't find many good friends and the ones that you have don't lose them work at it.
 I posted this third page I just did because its not a master piece that you would see in the master journal books out there. But I'm mainly proud of myself for doing it taking the time to create it on a whim and let it come out with out the damn critic being there and I have to tell you the critic still isn't here...Freedom is so sweet. 

I said I would post the picture that Lisa took from the Downers Grove Public Library Demo and I had to throw in the last one of me this past winter in the woods gathering my woods medicine as I call it...(solitude walking in the woods) and listening to the inner voices while I see the beauty all around me...Honestly I feel as happy right now as I look in the bottom picture...

well off to be chasing the dust puppies around I got side tracked in the studio...went up there to put something away and the next thing I was making a journal page for a dear friend..


  1. nothing like getting back to just creating for the joy and "medicine" of creating ! I am sure that is what came through on the page and made your friend so excited !
    Glad the joy spread !
    Happy Spring and happy Creating, Laura !

  2. Wonderful smile, Laura! And . . "critic" be gone!!!

  3. Oh Laura! I love that idea! I used to write so many letters too and where did that wonderful tradition go? (to the flat and hard ol' keyboard) Your collage pieces are truly beautiful and I love your happy picture!

  4. Hey, that happy picture looks a lot like me!


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