Sunday, April 17, 2011

Display Panels are completed

Well it was about 9:30ish that I started on the panels and finished around 1:30 and that's putting everything away and the new panel covers on the display panels and back into storage.  I was so goofy that I completely didn't count what I had, there were 12 panels not 10...go thing I had extra material but I had wanted to have few extra covers on had just in case one got riped or torn or worse...but I can't do that.. I had 10 copper display panels my Husband made for me and two other ones I bought...So the material stretch wonderfully and is tight on the panels so I'm so happy..but it got me thinking as I have a smaller Van these days and I need to thinking about all that I bring with me to the shows and what really I need and what I bring to much I'm staying open for some ideas about displaying my info etc.   Less is more attitude again is needed for this summer year of Art Fairs.

Sent out a few scouting phone calls the other day...some times I get the gumsion to call up a place and see if they would be interested in a workshop or something and guess what...The Beverly Art Center is intersted in seeing my proposal for a 1,2 and 3 day workshop...So good to hear...Collage is a hard one to sell as a fine art thesed days but I will continue to plug along. And waiting to hear back from the Naperville Art League as I interested in doing a July workshop got to do the scouting and keep the excitment going.

Off to continue to tend to the homestead today...with demo's and teaching the poor home lacks her luster these days. People ask me from time to time how do you do it all...the really answer is you don't somethings got to give when it pulls out of the home and out on the road in you job so you can't be in two place at once so the home stays nice clutter with dusty puppies chasing after everyone as the walk in and out of the home.. so today I'm going to jump on the task early and see what the rest of the day will bring...needing a good walk in the woods too. So many things pulling for the top of the list today..
Grateful though that I have what I have and that this is my problem today...

Good thoughts to those that are struggling, sick and need attitude adjustments and for those that need to have a little happiness in their can be good if you look for the good and change the way your out look...

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  1. Glad you got the panels done, lighten that load!


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