Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoreline Series

Shoreline, a 5 x 21 collage on 2 ply rag mat, will be framed with 3" white mat and framed behind glass.

Shoreline 2 10 x 10  collage on a clay board with cradle sides, stained a rusty walnut color, no frame stands alone.
Shoreline 3, 16 x 16 collage on clay board with cradles sides, stained a rusty walnut color.
Shoreline 4 8" x 8" collage on 140lb watercolor paper, will be matted and framed in a 12 x 12 with glass.

Shoreline 5, 3 x 9 collage on 140lb watercolor paper, will be matted and in a frame final size 6 x 12.

I started with an idea... now forcing myself to do some collage sketching before hand so here is what I stared with one evening...grabbed a watercolor scrap and sat watching TV with a magazine, glue stick and scissors...and I wanted to create a piece of a Lake and Prairie concept and this is what I came up sat with the 5 x 21 piece of watercolor paper waiting with polymer...I believe it was about a month and a half before I step back into this one...Propped up the collage sketch and when at it...Little do I know how many piece I can get out of a few sheets of paper but I do stretch as much as I can till the collage palette is gone...I might be able to do a few minis but as Robert Rauschenberg would say...I do it till I know it or till I'm board with till I have no paper left...
So I'll be submitting the image to the gallery to see if they would like to have them switch out from the three 13 moon piece I've left with them...and if now I've just had a creative whim and purely enjoyed it..


  1. Hi Laura, I really love this series. Really love it.

  2. Me too, Laura! And I did always loved the sketchbook "sketches" and building ideas in there. Have to do that again!

  3. still haven't heard form the Gallery..keeping figure crossed. Thanks always they look so different in person then with photos.


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