Thursday, March 10, 2011

Regroup, recoup and

I feel like I missed a few weeks but I didn't...I was fully aware of everything I was doing and then some...I'm so grateful I have the opportunities to do the many events and now I can step back and regroup or recoup...bring back more balance and fill the well of creative ideas.   Oh there are always so many ideas floating around...I know some people like to write them down or draw a picture of them to remember what they wanted to do...Me I make list...list...list...list...I was thinking about it this morning and writing about it, what would I do if I had a day without a ta do list? (a bit of panic)....Right way there was a little fear and then reality set in about how much I do depend on that list to push me forward and much like a work junkie.. I guess or a passionate artist, wife and mother  which way should I look at that.. I like the passionate side...Ramblings are coming out today I have a day that yes there are things to do but it's also about grounding and being home and tending to the my personal creative side...I've got a journal that I would like to do some work in and then spend that time in the studio preparing for the project that keeps floating to the top like cream in my thoughts...I need to finish 12 of the 8 x 8 compositional studies and then move into the big pieces...time to put a plan of attack on the table and dig in and make it happen.

So I'm still picking my rock in the morning and I picked...Center and Keep an open fitting for today...the higher presence in my life knows what I need...I've just got to go along for the ride.


  1. Great post. Love to hear how the process comes together. Sounds like ingredients for the makings of a great dish. And you've mentioned it several times and I've been meaning to ask. What stones are you picking? Sounds so cool...

  2. Hi Elena,

    I think you know the Gal Kim, that sells these rocks.. I just went and order about 140 rocks so I'm always picking a new one...My son like to see what he gets..jokes about it but I see him picking one now and then... great center piece for the Kitchen table.

  3. Hi Laura . . Just noticed that you live near Chicago. I live in southeast Michigan . . not that far away. Do you post info on your classes here?


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