Friday, March 04, 2011

Keeping a open mind and fill up... Adventrue tonight!

For some reason I've been toying around with the rocks and puzzle piece for guidance and today I pick keep an open mind and fill up...I've got a very great weekend to show off as some may say or what really is going on is promotional opportunities to present what I do and what I can teach in a workshop...with that I'm packing up shop today and preparing to present...I also will be heading to "aloft" Hotel right after for the reception with Andy Yorks and my work...New venue and new adventure...One thing I've found is I either have to create something to calm the nerves or walk in the woods to ground myself and remember who I really am...if this sounds crazy let it be, but I know it's so easy one can get swooped up by it all and then I end up getting out of balance and to stay in balance is a with all the excitement I need to center and regroup so that I can do what I said I would to fill up and keep the mind open for adventure today...

First stop Blick Art Materials at 4:00 till 5:00pm...stop in !! print and save!!

Then heading over to Bolingbrook for the reception at "aloft"  new contemporary hotel, 6-9pm  if I run late you know I'm on my way...look forward to seeing you all. 

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