Wednesday, March 30, 2011

J2Gallery, Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL

Isolation- Collage on 10 x 10 cradle board

 Joy174-Collage on 16 x 16 cradle board

Redefine-Collage on 24 x 24 cradle board

Faceless People Series

The world situation as I see it is a bit tattered and in shambles. I can’t help but be effected by it. Every where I turn some crises is going on financially and environmental. We, humans have advanced so much to the point of letters and numbers. What really have we gained from it all? And what have we lost?

Materials: stained tissue papers, engineer plans, green tea tissue papers, and painted Kraft and lunch bags plus stained tissue papers with string. Collage papers are sewn and cut up before assembling them  to the surface with a heat seal iron. Wooden figure is painted and placed in shadow box. Glazing and acrylics are added to define the textures in the papers.

Isolation- Collage on 10 x 10 cradle board-$225.00
Joy174-Collage on 16 x 16 cradle board -$325.00
Redefine-Collage on 24 x 24 cradle board -$650.00

This pieces are for sale through the gallery-J2Gallery, if you don't see them on the sight they just might not have gotten up there yet as I just dropped them off. (No prints just the original art work)

Well the trip in to the city yesterday was great..ride in was smooth and love that, as I try to make it around the time that traffic isn't rush hour.  I had brought in my Shoreline Series, and at the last minute I thought about bring in the smaller ones that aren't tied up for other shows of the Faceless People Series...and Chris Jackson liked this so much he didn't want me to bother unwrapping the Plan B was winner yesterday. 

Feeling good about the experience I continued up stairs in the studio putting all my supplies away from the watermedia workshop I took and from the mini workshop I taught at Waubonsee college...and I pulled out my work that I was working on before all this came about...I'm totally amazed at the way our Cat Sophie is so obsessed with all my brushes...I seem to be losing them and I can't find my scissors....I'm a little up set with that as they were all mucked up just right and now I've got to find another pair to work with...don't like it when my tools don't feel comfortable...

The Mini Collage Workshop went well, again nice smooth transition happening, a bit less people this time but all was good finished collage pieces with smiling faces..I was Video taped again but I never like to know that it's happening...makes me too nervous....they asked me afterwards if I wanted to say a few words and I passed on that...not my cup of tea to be interviewed like that...I like to be caught in the natural spot of creating..

well off to prepare for Oldest Daughters 26th birthday tomorrow...much to do...

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  1. Forgot you were out in my neck of t he woods yesterday, glad the workshop went well!


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