Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow photo Feb 2nd 2011

My son Jake out there this morning, after I made from the porch to the drive way he went all the way out to the street, this was about 9:30-10:30 ish..
 Carl is having to play antelope but Hank isn't to sure about about it all.. and plows through the snow like a buffalo...
 We had about 2 inch before 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday so you can see what we all received through the night.

The sun is out now which helps the spirits of the one that are still stranded...Still don't know how the husband is doing as he was called out yesterday Feb 1st at 4:45 am and not it's 12:45 this afternoon...He will be one crabby and non functioning person when he gets home...

now to the studio after lunch to get started on a some samples to bring to a Meeting/class this coming Monday and Tuesday..then Art Journaling class starts Thursday..


  1. Love snow pictures! And have to look longer below at that fantastic art! Wow!

  2. Oh I love that new photo of Hank on the right of your blog! Puppy Power!

  3. boy, is that a LOT of snow--- glad you have it all there and we are currently snow free.

  4. Donna, up in the North West I would think you might have some snow?? but guess not...We survived and were able to give a hand where needed especially in the neighborhood..where it counts.

    April, I posted a really new picture of Hank...He's in need of a good romp but a bit hard when you have to play deer and can't get there's a lot of energy in him that's been getting into trouble lately...

  5. Well that's definitely 20 inches! I didn't start shoveling till the winds dies down early afternoon.


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