Thursday, February 17, 2011

Second Class of Artistic Conversations-Visual Art Journaling...

 Pat's journal
 Bea's journal
 Caroline's Journal
 Jane's journal
 Joan's journal
 Kate's journal
 Linda's Journal
and Liz's Journal

We are heading into our second day of class today...I'm excited to see how everyone did and I sent them home with three gum erasers to carve, can't wait to see what everyone did.  I had them carve a few samples before they left for class so they could get a feel for it. I had them write on one page and then do a wash with watercolors and another page lays on top but they used three color pencils to scribble and swirl around and then cut out shape.  Then using the page with the cut outs as a stencil for the spread...kind of confusing but lended itself to new angles and possibilities...pushing the creative limits and our minds... After that I let them go and explore their own creative voices. 


  1. Oh, looks so nice - all those journals!

  2. it's really amazing what everyone is doing...I've not brought in other books that people have published about journaling. I really want the studend to astablish their own voice..

  3. Looks like there is an intensity of creating happening!


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