Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quiet Now~

But by the grace of god and quiet now are my pickings this funny to as I feel like I want to pull in ward today and sit quietly and not be a place in my mind for the hamster and wheel turning and turning.  Forward movement is wonderful as of classes the students and their excitement and energy.  I feel off that or am I addicted to it...what ever it is I feel home there and sharing and watching other be inspired by their own hidden abilities...Blessing on both sides.. for the teacher and the student..

I've set with another round of Visual Art journaling classes and dates are set for the 3rd session of Composition in collage class.  So some time this Sunday I'll be getting a eblast ready to share that and a little exhibit of that's happening locally that I'm kind of excited venue and hope that it's going to continue for other artists.  Would be a great will be my first Silent Auction of one of my piece of collage work...stay tuned more info coming soon.

Well off to keep the motion going in the right directions that is walking the four legged ones and doing a little meditative time for myself.

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  1. Good to hear the meditative aspect filling the air, so much jumble in the news...


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