Monday, February 21, 2011

On to a new week, feelings of great accomplishment

I've got to admit I didn't get out of my PJ's all day and sat behind the computer.  I've not been able to take care of some art fair entries and my newsletter, plus the dreaded taxes... well the family stayed far away from me as I wasn't a pretty sight, (bed head )while I was at the computer.. Which was helpful as I need full focus on stuff like this. I get so easily distracted by people talking or things happening around me that I can screw up royally.  But I'm happy to say all went well. Now on to this week.  I've got a few people to respond back to that I was putting off till after this weekend and framing...I've bought my frames for the 12 x 12's I did and I need to frame them now...I figured I have time later on...So it's Later!!! and this gals got to get ready for the Starbuck's exhibit...I think this is really pretty cool cause Starbucks usually doesn't do stuff like this. Before they only wanted their brand look in the Coffee shops. Well maybe not all of them are like our Clarendon Hills one. I'm really excited about it.  I had thought to myself going into this new year that things need to be done locally.  Artist working in their communities and I've been really trying to push that where I can.  Plus side to it is, saves on gas I don't have to travel as far.  Well best get dressed today and make it a good full day of active forward movement.. 

But after the book discussion...Life is a Verb this morning...mmmm love their Baked Oatmeal...can't wait!!


  1. Starbucks! Good luck, sounds like a fun thing! Patti Digh and baked oatmeal - sounds like a good thing too. I had bought the book and just started reading it now, signed up for her blog, etc. Thanks!

  2. I didn't jump on her blog, yet. Been hard pressed to make it everywhere else! Good to hear of the Starbucks venue. Hope it's great success!


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