Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mini Abstract Landscape Collage Workshop-Addison Art Guild Feb 19th, 2011

 I had to put these to lovly ladies up on the blog...Sisters, Andrea and Cynthia together for a weekend of sister bonding and art.
 Papers are being made and the creative active is fastly filling up the day.
 Annette, Susan, Donna, Candi and Lorilei are in the picture there, creating their first of three collages.
 Sally was progressing quite nicely and ready to cut the taped edge off to see her finished piece.
 Donna pulling off some of her stained tissue paper stuck to the plastic sheet...a little hard to do but they were able to get them detached and off collaging they went. Red was her color along with Cathy.
 Jan, Irma, Sally and Sue all looking at the works that were finished.
 Annette with her back to us and then Candi, Lorilei, Irma and Donna sharing their thoughts on the pieces and Donna taking some pictures herself.
 Different angle, Annette's hand, Candi, Lorilei, Irma and Donna.
A wide view of the Mini Abstract Landscapes done together at the Addison Art Guild on Feb 19th at the Addison Community Park District. 

Waves of Letters,
On display at Cindy Fields Design in Naperville IL.
14 x 34
Abstract Landscape
Thought I'd share a piece to show you where they can go with this and also I hope they all explore it a bit more there great fun to Create, "I find I almost put myself there as I'm assembling the collages..kind of like a fantasy.


  1. Wow. They've got a nice big workroom! Great group with wonderful images.
    Like yours best!


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