Friday, February 04, 2011

Find new direction in the storm

4, You're the third star...
8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper
found and handmade collage papers from tissue, magazines, book pages, engineer plan, kraft paper and white lunch bags.  with a image transfer slipped in.

I've been welcoming in the storm that has come upon us and pasted.  I ended up with one more day of full studio work this week and I've been plowing..full steam ahead. This Monday and Tuesday I'm to tag team a art class in glass at the Ed Hoy International Glass Distributors in Naperville IL.  and with that I'm also to present about 6-8 sample of work...and I've been looking for inspirations, gather ideas, doing my kind of sketch in my collage sketch  book and a few prayers too. The making of papers has taken on an obsession quality but now I've to some papers so I can go right ahead and knock out a few ideas quite quickly.  With this piece I've got some ideas for the October show at Downers Grove Library this year. I have to say that I really don't know if the people I'm presenting this ideas/samples to will be taken by them to have them hang or used as part of their idea for the building...I've got to be a bit quiet about it cause it's all in the works...My thoughts are in the moment and I'm trying not to be to concerned about what they want...sounds crazy but it's what it is. And with the hard work I've been up to lately...I'm really letting the worry and anxiety go for now and enjoying the process and other ideas that are coming... I have to admit the homestead is really a site to be covered up as I've been up in the studio at lest a good 6 hours at the most daily this past two weeks between teaching and judging...I'm secretly in bliss...the family is questioning but it can be all picked up and put back together in a good couple of I venture back up to the studio again today...I've not been out driving only to the mail box since the storm...feeling a bit hermit like but need to push forward on this...What's the worst is after spending so much time on the paper making parts I've still got ideas about some papers I think I need to have made and stashed....


  1. First I have to say Hank is AWESOME!! I LOVE big dogs and look at that face! And that nose!! Ok, I'm done gushing (oh but he's sooo coool). Great post. I like the hibernating nature has imposed on you. I saw the description for that glass class you'll be teaching and I was salivating. But have to hold back on classes until my condo gets rented. :( That's ok. I trust the universe will provide what I need when I need it. Whoa! Is that ME talking?! Hugs Laura!

  2. yes Elena that is you talking...sounds like your in a good place too...Husband is worried that I've not left the house since Monday...hmmmm it's Saturday..yes I think I have been hibernating.

  3. Well, I'm very happy for you! I need to hibernate and no-one will allow it. I say it's a necessary part of the season.

  4. Oh, I also love the new direction!


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