Monday, February 07, 2011

A few photo's from day one of Glass/collage class at Ed Hoy's

 Kiln getting loaded. One of three big kilns they have there.
 Gloria showing how to use the fritz, sprinkle that on like powder sugar and then scribe into it to making some great piece with a nice black or white word or misc. markings. It will work well as an overlay.
 Two tables of students work with the glassline collage papers.
 Beginning with the papers and some glue and before you know it they had collage going, tomorrow will be the fun part to see who it looks after a few hours in the kiln.
Fast at work on there pieces..Great group of glass artist learning some new techniques beside just stain glass, which now they can all this all in to it and really make some impressive pieces.

Returning tomorrow and do a little collaging in the morning and then making some more samples and layering them to end up with some nice block castings.

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  1. Wish I could be taking this class!


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