Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things are coming together

I'm making a whole slue of paper..I've got on side coated with the polymer and will do the other side tomorrow..then comes the kraft papers and gesso..

 Magazine stenciled paper and magazine resist papers all over the place...I had every place covered.

 Drying rack full of Stain tissue papers...still need a few more colors.. but these are coated.

Had a friend ask about using magazine images in her work and I thought..hmmm what if I used the polymer as a resist and painted around the areas that I want to keep.. I let them dry and then came back in with the Nevr Dull and rubbed off the magazine inks and what was left was the resisted areas of polymer..I can go back in and color it more but this was just a experiment...kind of fun.. The guys beard looked better then it does on the orginal one..
 New Rims and rubber on the Transit... we were finaly able to find rims to fit this little bugger. The guys put them on today
 Nothing super speical but I think it will be just fine..
Then the Husband need to put some finishing touches on the little Transit and got a stainless tip for the muffer...

well now time to go to dinner...need to use the Gift card our daughter bought us...(sneak in a bit of cheese cake tonight then back on the food plan, been good)


  1. Hi Laura... the magazine stenciled paper and magazine resist papers plus stained tissue paper sounds so interesting. Do you teach these processes in your classes?? I hope all is well.... Kim

  2. Hi Kim,

    Yes I do teach this in my classes and workshops...the next class starts soon at the Naperville art league..and if you want see the tabs at the top of the blog page under the head logo for Collage techniques an in there it should have something..been trying to save them..


  3. Wow! Lots of papers! Transit is looking good!


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