Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 12 x 12's are all complete

 four pieces are a series...

I'm so happy these are completed...I started them back in I think October...but it's a goal I wanted to accomplish..and right in time too as I was able to fit in a small showing of them at the Starbucks in Clarendon Hills more details as it comes around...A while back I received a whole box of 12 x 12 stretchers, and then I bought canvas on sale..nice big roll of it to..and with that I has 12 of these ready to go..and I looked at my pile of scrap papers from other art piece I've saved and decided to complete them so here they are...I'll be putting them in nice wood frames either black..cherry wood and walnut..Still waiting to hear if the four at the top will be in the Facade show at LaGrange...


  1. Well, if they don't make the Facades show they'd have chosen poorly! Catch a spark of warmth! Great job on all of them!

  2. These are such a wonderful grouping. I lOVE the black and gold pieces.


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