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Signs of an ego trap and crap (my personal note and reminder about this statement below)

“The only time I got into trouble in the river” she said slowly, was when I wanted people to look at me in the boat in the river, when I wanted to stop and wave and make sure people saw me in the boat. 

At those moments when we try to wave and be seen and praised, we are actually drowning.

Give in to the river, fully embrace it and flow with it because it knows what you should be doing with your life. Move with it without trying to stop the boat so people can admire you and like you, so they can say “You’re good, you’re smart, you’re pretty,
I give you permission.”
Keep moving,
Keep seeing,
Keep knowing,
And keep saying what you know to be your truth, without needing or looking for the admiration of others.. (At this point I think about an elder woman who just let her truth rip/spoke her mind and be said,  I honor that with inspiration as someday I'll be this elder and come to this point in my life...but in the mean time I strive for the part of.... keep moving forward, keep seeing the beauty and keep the knowing coming so I can speak my truth and be connected to my authentic self...Goal for the year!!)

You are good. You are beautiful. You are smart. Give yourself permissions…

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind…Dr. Seuss. 

Do not carry the burden of the past; do not live in the future. The only important thing is that one live in the present authentically and fully. Whatever your current life is, be the most you can be by living in the moment. Chan Chih

I posted this from the book Life is a Verb and it hit a cord with me and my thinking as an artist and women/mother/wife and all the others listed under a,b, and c...the weird ways I get myself into the self doubt trap and then spiral a bit and then come of the spin learning more then when I went into really I'm grateful for my moments of doubt....and yes with hormones constantly rearranging I got a little more of one and less of the other going on..but nothing to run to the drug store about...and what doesn't help with this bout was I had a head cold and little family isms going on through the holiday that triggered my ticket to the corner of a room for some time out...hahahah. just joking and having some fun with my moments...the begin of the short chapter is "Don't stop to wave, You'll drown"and then Patti has the quote from Eve Ensler....Why are women immobile? Because so many feel like they waiting for someone to say, "You're good, you're pretty, I give you permission.... well there's more to this chapter then I'll post here but funny how you read something right when you need it...and this chapter spoke to me...on may levels  Well if your a person looking for a good beginning of the year book that can change your perspective and attitude on how you  look at your life and others..this is it...some can read it through but I have to ready it a chapter or two at a time and savor it's wisdom...

On to the studio today first...then to some paper sorting and hopefully I'll be putting my scroll saw on my great find from Goodwill, a work table that my loving husband added a few bolts to so it won't wobble(was missing a few) and I can see how it works...I'm dying to try it out and I have an assignment/project in mind for a show...coming up.... so Katie, bar the door today...this gals back...and feeling so much better...Now if the rest of the world you understand about cycles and spinals and bouts of doubts that it's just a natural thing instead of popping a pill to get through we be a happy place...or a funner place....that's my truth and I'm sticking to it!!!

ok this is really too wild...I feel a connection there...this is my horoscope this morning from the
 Daily OM..January 2, 2011
Attuned To Truth
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You may feel particularly in sync with your authenticity today as you move through the various spheres of your existence. A need to search for a deeper level of truth can come over you, leading you to explore new ways of regarding the world around you. You may be surprised to discover, however, that you find the enlightenment you seek not in books but in your fellow human beings. As you come into contact with more and more people who are also striving to live authentically today, their struggles and experiences can give you insight into your own truth-seeking endeavors.
Our grasp of truth is heightened when we choose to live authentically, in accordance with our individual values. Living a life founded on truth attunes us to legitimacy in other areas of our existence because our own sincerity affords us a gauge by which to measure the sincerity of others. We are drawn to the authenticity we perceive in the people we encounter because we feel a natural sense of kinship with those individuals who are committed to a course of genuine development. They tend to be supportive of our choices, recognizing that our path is ours alone and entirely in the realm of our jurisdiction. And just as we respect their decision to walk extremely individualized paths, so do they applaud our commitment to personal and ethical truths. As you search for meaning today, your commitment to truth will help you find truth in the world around you.

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  1. What a great river analogy! I can't wait to get my copy of the book!


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