Monday, January 10, 2011

I received a thank you card/flyer yesterday

I went to the Midwest Collage Society meeting and seen so many faces I've not seen in along was wonderful to be there...Lets say a Packed House... well while I was there a dear artist friend of mine gave me this card from her daughter Hannah...You see Hannah fell in love with one of my piece of art and it just so happens that I had a print of it so I sent it to her a while back when she was doing a school report...I was so tickled by the drawing/thank you card, that I had to post it this morning...Thank You Hannah..the family is enjoying this hanging the refrigerator looks just like him the big ears and the puppy eyes...great job Hannah!!

So keeping this post short as I've got my list a mile long today...some handy work on the computer early this morning and then packing for class tomorrow...I think I might need the horse blinders on...just to keep me is to be mild and hoping to slip a walk for the dogs and myself today best bust a move now!!


  1. LOVE this! The hat, the medals! Too cool!

  2. What a great bit of mail! Have a great class!


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