Thursday, January 06, 2011

Holiday aftermath.....

Seems to be a back lash on the holiday happenings or some leftover feelings...our young adults are feeling some anger and pressure about something I don't know..little tension which gets directed at the parents...hmmmm...I'm just going to let the storm settle a bit and go about my biz today...their all adults and can work it out...Thought squabbles were something when the were little... well now their really wall rumblers as they get older...  It was like a storm blow in from no where and left that fast too...Hank and I were a bit taken back, Carl was sleeping in the other room and knows to hunker down and away when these storms happen...but in all good families there bound to be a struggle here and there...I see it kind of happening around me too as others are freaking out out side the homestead too.......Oh keep my in the studio or walking in the woods...don't want to catch any of that bug floating around..

Today, I have a road trip out to Aurora to pick up work at 33 West...found out a few days ago I sold a nice little piece...smiling big when I heard that...every little bit helps fuel the creative juices... I also will be swing around to a few more stops as of Naperville Art League for a head count n my class and check final details...and to Bolingbrook Aloft to take a peek and speak to the Manager there at the Contemporary see they saw my work on the Naperville Art League web site and offered me an opportunity to hang two piece there in their Hotel.. always a good idea to do some foot work first and check out the place...and I like to take pictures so later on if I do hang work I have a reference of the area and can gather a size idea too.  And then I'm found myself scouting out the local Starbucks in Clarendon Hills to ask them if I could hang I was approached a while back and now it's the new year so following up on the lead....Only thing is you can't have prices hanging next to the work..on the back but no sales are to take place at, on or in the that's can be worked out and gets me going on the last two 12 x 12's as that is a perfect size for the coffee shop walls.. The river is moving and I'm just riding it out and go with the flow....that is after the storm...hahaha...


  1. Those storms happen between 50 year old siblings too! Congrats on the sale and kudos on the new location to show!

  2. Good idea riding out the storm. And oh wow love seeing how Hank is growing. Congratulations on the sale and new ventures!

  3. still paddling through them...not comfortable but going through..


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