Monday, January 17, 2011


Goals 2011

Simple guidelines to think about from Feb 2010 Art Calendar

• it’s important to know your goals, goals direct and focus your activities.

• how do you want this year to be different?

• think about business, product, marketing and sales. Perhaps you want to expand your client base, improve customer service, boost repeat sales, exhibit at more places or find gallery representation.

• Goals should motivate you. The more important they are to you and the more you see real value in achieving the. The more likely you are to realize them. Be realistic so you can accomplish.

• begin each phrase with, I will not I hope to or I would like to. Also make sure there positive.

• if the list is a long one prioritize the items.

• goals are a lot easier to accomplish when there are tangible ways of measuring, so try to be as concrete as specific as possible.

• Have self meetings to see if your on track

Authentic Self
I’m at a cross roads as of what and were to go with the art…I’m tired of the pushing to get it out there…burnt out.  Though I still want to make the art I will have to find ways to keep my spirits high on the exhibiting side, so I don’t end up over loaded with art work in the back storage room and studio space. And I want to leave room for wiggle and jiggle and fun stuff. 

1. I will walk with my dogs in the woods and by myself

2. I will work on project that I’ve wanted to for some time

a. assemblages and more book making ?

b. new work for fall DG library exhibit and LaGrange Art League.

c. collage and glass project.

3. I will be kinder to myself, emotional, spiritually and physically

4. I will cut back on the fairs maybe do only a few with outdoor studio exhibit

5 I will work on the inner peace and spirituality

6. I will be in the present more.

7. I will live life and see what she’s got in store for me…

8. I will not over load my days..

9. I will be ok with less,

10. I will go out to lunch more with like minded people

11. I will continue to work on my art and provide some work for the two galleries.. stay in contact with them.

12. I will let go more and seek guidance.

13. I will spend time with good wise woman and share good conversation and wisdom

14. I will see positive people and situation and let go of the negative ones.

I posted this, the goals for the year and there a bit different then the years before...Mainly what the goals are as of before it was more about a material things and now it's about personal know the inner stuff you carry around with you all day. 
Now if you want to see the list of the month stuff that really happens between the goals this year you might commit me to the wacky ward or direct me to the Workaholic meetings.. no really it's not that bad but along with being able to do the things I love I've got to keep a good balance with my self and I'm seeing the inner needs the works this year and the rest will fall in place....Ok off to tend to some phone calls, because the emails are just not working and its mid Jan already and then to the studio to play and prepare for tomorrow..

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