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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

deciding where to cut out time wasting....

I've been looking at my schedule of great things to do and I'm finding that I have to move other things out like time wasters...even though I do enjoy being on the Internet I have to look at what is productive and what is keeping me on a better plan and goals... sitting at the computer longer then I really need to just because  it feels good..isn't always good for me.. So I'm limiting time I'm on...

I'm a bit disappointed...I did work on the computer on Sunday typing out a description for a possible class, now is the time to submit class ideas at my old work place...LaGrange Art League...thinking that I was a shoe in and would be teaching on a Wednesday night and not bumping Dianne Marita out of the spot on Friday Mornings..hmmm...Well I was given the Humility stick and told that no spot was open but an afternoon..not good for my class and people....Hurt and disappointed.... so my candle is blown out and my bubble is popped...but maybe next session... I walk away...with a tail hang low but realize maybe it's good for me not to at this time...don't know why but I'm going to trust it...

My oldest daughter didn't get the sign makers job at the Hinsdale Whole Foods.. She said only three other were up for the job and that they let her know what is expected for the job...which she had no idea...and they talked to her afterwards and let her know that they like her abilities but it wasn't what they needed..and they can see her as a sign maker...she told me about it and then went to Michael's Craft store and purchased some stuff and got right back on the Creative cycle...which I'm proud of her for doing...It's now an experience for her to carry with her and learn from...

well must bust a move and not waste time...need to keep the studio schedule on top today... List is growing as I type..

Peace in, out and all around today.

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  1. Good to hear the craft supplies are coming home!


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