Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling for help and feeling a bit overwhelmed

I'm calling for a bit of help...only with the load that's come upon me...trying new behavoirs out and asking for help for something bigger then me...I've been blessed with many opportunities, but still it's hard to manage them all when their all coming in on the same the big project I'm to present which I had now idea about and now I'm finding out...Yikes...Oh please help me not panic and freak out...and then the load of other wonders coming my way...raining good things but still hard to handle or juggle..So I turn to a bit of writing, mediation's and prayer time to guide me and then put the list in action and do some fancy foot work...not to mention the mundane tasks that have to get done too...where did I read that???Do the mundane and it will keep you sane...darn it I've got to slip in the dishes and making the beds too.

I spoke with my mom last night...what a surprise..She got offered a job as a substitute Teacher at the school district she subs already driving a school bus with...Oh My Gosh!  What a wonderful blessing it is as she's been looking for ways to manage things down her way and this comes up...she's scared too but she's all checked out as of the back ground checking they had to do with being a bus driver she's ready to go...but we talked and she may shadow another substitute teacher to see if this is something she can do...with the Learning difficulties she has her doubts are really high but they seen how she handles the kids on the school buses,(camera's on every bus now) and that's why they offered it to her...How cool is that at the age of 67 she's might be come a substitute teacher too. You Go Mom!!! I'm so Proud of you...

Well life is filling up faster  then I can handle so best not waste it away...
good thoughts to friends, family and the lonely ones..



  1. It is so hard when great offers come along because I always feel afraid to say 'no'. This is something artists struggle with I think. But look at it this way - you are incredibly blessed to have such great offers. And well deserved I might add!

  2. Just remember to breathe. Great news about my Aunt Bonnie!

  3. thanks ladies...

    can't say no when the classes are full..just need to let go of some chores for a week and get prepared for the classes and workshops...just the old rearrange bit that's all.

    I am looking different at where the energies are going though Mary Beth...making healthier choice with my time..well I like to think so. proud of my mom (gleaming with big smile still)


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