Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wrapped my heart out....

I made to the studio where all the presents are stored now and to one of my big tables so I could wrap my heart seemed that every day I was wrapping and then I got tired of wrapping and started working on one of the journals and got sidetracked..which is OK in my book but I did need to finish that up...I'm tired of shopping  and I always beat myself up about what I bought or if it's the right thing and maybe I should get more..Crazy thinking again....muckings up the whole meaning of season....straighten up there girl...sorry just talking to myself. 

 Well glad to say that what I did purchase is wrapped and ready to go.  I came down stairs and called my local Ace Hardware to see if the bird seed came in and to my lucky stars it I had some lunch and then headed out..the weather was a bit to cold for walking of the dogs so I had planned on doing some small training in the back yard once I got back with the bird seed...No limit on the seed so I stocked up...but it's almost to cold for the birds too to come out. I've been seeing the Cooper and Red Tails perch up high all fluffed up too.

Back at home now with the all the seed I empty it in the big bin I have and the dogs are just so happy that I'm out side with them and they are running around and barking at each other...especially Carl...I see his herding instinct so strongly when he tries to direct Hank...I'm trying to train Carl to sit and let Hank retrieve the ball...that was going well till Carl decided He didn't want it to happen...then Hank would drop the ball and completely thought this was what he was to do for Carl he didn't care about the ball just that Hank had it..well that's mine observation of it...I'm sure there is more to that... but taking a claimer approach to the situations and a pocket of mini homemade biscuits I begin the new training...I make Carl sit and stay...which he does well and then I throw the ball for Hank...Hank retrieves it and I say drop it and he gets a mini he would do this before but I would have to get him to drop the ball after about two or three times of saying drop it! (with a great dane puppy food is always a good motivator) Getting sidetracked again...but making my point or what ever I'm trying to say I watched a movie with Jeff Bridge in it and it's called A Dog Year..and there's this tough old lady in it that knows and knows well especially about Border Collies.  So taking her tips from her which I did have knowledge of prier just re-enforced it, you have to work in small positive steps and the dogs remember so much better instead of expecting them to have long hours of now back to the retrieving training...I could put Carl in the house and not have him out but he needs to learn too.  As Hank retrieves and drops the ball, he gets a treat and Carl gets one for staying and not being a crazy guy.   Now I've tried to toss the ball for Carl and he never was a big retriever...doesn't do it for him like herding does...I do believe Carl has some kind of Australian Shepard in him with the medium length hair, soft and smooth mixed with Jack Russell. He's smart cookie..he's are rescue dog over nine years ago. 
Training went well and everyone got the little blood pumping and felt good about what they did...and the yard is picked up to of frozen landmines..(dog pooh, around our house) 

Well on with what ever the days brings...oh yes I'm to do a little holiday visiting with some gals from another meeting I go to and it should be a great time...need a moment of simple sharing....and then if I can I need to hit the studio for some serious play time...keeps a girl happy you know!


  1. I've been doing the same thing, trying to get some wrapping done. But yeah, I get distracted too. We girls *must* have our art time to keep us sane :)

  2. Living the dream... I must get to that wrapping myself and just bought a tree today. 75% off!


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