Sunday, December 19, 2010

Session 3 of Creative Writing Journal 101 part 2A

1. The layers begin, after gluing all the pages together and letting them dry I begin the process of putting down a layer of gesso or if you don't have gesso as I've advised before you can use white acrylics..I personal like using the gesso because of it's chalky consistence and it's will take the acrylic layering nicely...some time the white acrylics have a medium base to them and it maybe glossier. Your personal preference. As you can see I just lay a bead of gesso down and use a old plasitc card to spead the gesso around or you can use a mat board/or cardboard scraper. Your just spreading out the gesso to coat the surface to cover and also to add little bit of interest...

2. Next page spread as you can see I left the quote uncovered, sometime it's inspiration for the writing that will go on later.. with a thin layer of gesso you have a little bit of time to play with the swirling and scribing if you like after you spead the gesso...When doing the CWJ's I don't like to have the gesso to reason is drying time and the second reason is the gesso can crack if it's to thick..which in this case might be cool but again it's your personal preference...just remember you have a lot of pages to do this I like to get busy and get them coated and dried so I can go to the next spread (two pages opend up facing each other with a gully in the middle)...I do use a hair dryer to lessen  the drying time..

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