Sunday, December 19, 2010

Session 3 of Creative Writing Journal 101 part 2B

1. You can see the spread with not gesso on them and my black cutting board, now you can use a piece of cardboard or I've also used the left over watercolor board from the pads of watercolor paper if you don't have a cutting board.. (Note: Dollar stores have cutting board, fun place to go)
2. I cut the pages off at different levels so it makes a stair effect. Save the cut off piece for the next this is all done before putting a layer of gesso on..
3. At this point I have no idea what I'm doing but that I'm going to cut little squares and glue them on the stair cut pages..
4. Look closely and you can see where I've glued them on, just used some soft gloss medium to do that.
5. I let it dry a bit and then spread that gesso layer on over all the pages..I really like to do a few pages like this in a row.  Later on when bring in color you can play with your color schemes and really have something happening.

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