Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Session 2 of Creative Writing Journal 101 #2

1. The magazine image was a two page spread from a Natural Geographic magazine, the images are of Penquins at their  nesting site... Well I glued with the acrylic medium right to the surface of the book and then I brought fine sandpaper over that surface of the magazine to give it character and also to break up the shinny surface of the magazine so the acrylics will soak in and really show up..

2. I've used the sandblock in this picture just to help hold the cover flat for taking the picture.. but as you can see the other material, acrylic and that's a baby wipe..I apply a small amount to the baby wipe and then rub over the magazine surface that has been sanded. No acrylic medium is on the surface of this paper, if there was it would be to difficult to sand off. Acrylic medium was used to glue it to the surface.

3. I have a bottle of gesso, and I squirted it on the surface of the book over the edge that I tore a few steps know that nice I'm covering it up with the gesso...Oh well, just was in the moment.  I use a old or used plastic gift card/credit card to smear the gesso around..Now you could use a piece of scrap mat board or cardboard and even a piece of cardboard for a recycled cereal box would work.  All I did is spread it around.

4. At this point of the morning I had to let the book dry completely before I moved on to the back of the book, which I plan on using the gesso and scribbing into it as I did here..I used a skrewer stick, or you can use an end of a paint brush..nothing special.   Gesso is an acrylic primer for canvases or other surfaces you would then decide to paint on, or in this case I use it to add some simple texture, not to heavy or it would have a tendency to crack.  I will come back in with some acrylic glazing and allow it to soak into the scribe marks. I'm not finished at all with the cover this is just the first of many layers that will go on till I decide I like it and if not I can always glue another piece over it and or tear it off for some even cooler effect.  No rules !


  1. oooo awesome!!! thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! Is this a Make Your Mark journal?


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