Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rims, Nat Geo's and Commission piece

Trouble in Paradise as of the Rims came in Christmas Eve day and the Husband pulled them out and see that they did a wonderful job of drilling or machining the new bolt patten in the already chromed rims and then stuck plugs in there to fill the gaps of the holes they machined...Darn it now we are on the phone with them playing the run around... This is not what the showed and said they would do...frustrated but it will get solved just not at fast as would have liked it..

Swept up the floors and put some things away. With all the presents being stored in the studio and the help of Hank tending to the wrapping paper tubes I needed badly to clean up but I always love doing it gets the creativity juices flowing.. so pulled out my 2 ply 100% cotton mat that I use for my Abstract Landscapes and taped off an area and gave it a coat of ploymer..I have to let it dry and then going to give it one more coat before I start creating this commission piece, that is if she likes it.. being I don't do the sketching part I told her,(Kathy) that I would let her see if and if she doesn't like she's not obligated to it...but she gave me the colors and I'm hoping I hit base on it...takes me long to do a commission piece only because there's less freedom..so the perfectionism steps in and plays with my head abit...but I march forward usually anyways.

My mom's Christmas gift came yesterday, she's so worried that it was late...No biggie here Mom..and ways she sent her Homemade carmels and some gifts for the kids and then she really sent me the best gift...National Geographics  whaa.. whoo!!  stocking up as I've got a boat load of workshops and classes lined up and need to have extra on hand...

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