Friday, December 24, 2010

Received a Gift in the Mail Yesterday

Oh my mom and Bill,  they sent us a gift that the whole family could love and enjoy boy did we..and still are..this is such a great gift as we love the fruit and the whole idea of giving fruit like this...Mom and Bill Thanks so much..Hope your package made it down there...When I look at the Snowman's smile I can't help but see my mom's smiling back at me..

Last night the husband and I went to see a movie..which we haven't in along time, I wanted to see True Grit..well Jeff Bridges is my new actor I'm keeping an eye on..I really love his ability as an actor to do a wonderful job and be personal about it.. good craftsmanship is all I say about was a really good movie...Next we want to see the Fighter with Mark Walberg.. I heard it took about 4 years to make the movie..Hits close to home as it's about real friends of his growing up. 

I spent the day playing in the studio..with the holiday excitement knocking at the door I'm all nervous and need to do and I should have folded my laundry but what fun it I went to the studio and worked on the next steps for the Creative Writing Journal I've been sharing on the blog..I have a commission piece I should be working on but I've been taken over by this book and posting it up here on the blog..

Well can't believe it as it's Christmas Eve..and we are expect to head to my Sister home tonight..well see what happens as of the snow and if my husband may be called out to plow.  That hadn't happens since 97..I remember that as I had to come and drop him off at the home after being at my parents house before they moved to Wisconsin...and he went plowing.. I think the twins our youngest here 6 years old at the time.. Wow and there now 19 hmmm time does fly by doesn't it.
Wish everyone a Merry Holiday Season and my you be close to the ones you love and share in the adundance of  of giving.

Now off to post the work from yesterday and fold that laundry....


  1. Yes! What a happy snowman! And yes! Enjoying hearing about your books!

  2. is the fruit good??? I have wanted to send one of these fruit thingies.

  3. Hi Joy,
    the fruit was fresh and ripe.. great addition to your christmas morning breakfast casserole...there a great gift..


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