Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Reading some more, gather inspiration

The fight for the right to be in the studio there a fight and who's fight it is?...Get the brain out of the way and let the heart lead with passion...well it feels like a fight as of years of dabbling with my art and I mean dabbling in a good way as of 10 minutes here and an 1 hour there, I've come to a time when I can really put in 3 to 5 hours a day if I want...and I want to badly...but the letting go of the way I've been doing it verses the new myself..and it's not so much about a set schedule that's a tough one but maybe I need to look at's just is so rigid that I scares what do I want...sounds like a woman whining session about to play out right?  No it's about inner happiness and staying there... shifting adjusting and stay on a good red road...

I'm reading a book for inspiration Creative Time and Space, by Rice Freeman-Zachery, Groups of artist share..Theo Ellsworth says..."On my ideal days, I'm able to create a balance between my need to work alone and my desire to nurture a sense of community in my life.  I dont' like to see everything else as secondary to my art, but my art is me, and it's at the center and the soul of everything I do. so unless I'm living up to my art, and being true to what my work wants to express through me, I end up feeling incredibly awkward and out of place in the world. I need to make art to feel at home here."  this statement it home..for me that is. 

and Lisa Lichtenfels shares, "I think one of the things people have a hard time understanding is that artists live life through their art. It is not something they do; it is what they are. If you can get to the point in your life and work where you can live your art, you are truly blessed. "

And Roz Stendahl shares, "I have to have this stuff constantly moved out of my brain to make room for the new stuff because there are new deliveries every minute." what she means is get it on the pages of her journal so she can come back to it later..

Ever have days like that where you feel the flood gates open and you want to say.."Oh wait a minute let me catch up here first before you start to pour on more ideas"  I usually say OK Spirit will you stop already?"

a list of ideas are popping into my I need to make a gift to share at the Midwest Collage Society this Sunday.  Let me say that again...I want to make a gift to share...there that's better... and I want to make paper for a possible commission piece...I say possible because I don't do sketches of things so I always offer the opportunity to see it first and if they like it that's good and if not then I'll be selling it somewhere else.. so I also want to work piece number 3 of 6 today..papers are tacked now and ready for the enhancement of the some of the papers and shadowing I like to do..

(I'm not a writer by far. but maybe someday.. I want to thank the artists out here that put these books on the shelf for us to read and share their experiences so we can all learn and be happier people. I always get the feeling I'm not alone.)

after thanksgiving I feel like accomplished a great feat and then slide down hill a bit and now working on leveling off a bit and moving forward...bust a move today...whaohoo!!

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  1. Sounds like the studio is a great place to be today, maybe after a nippy walk in the woods with some magic dust shifting through the air. Hey, what's Hank think of the snow?


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