Monday, December 06, 2010

Put off way to long now...well about a week that's all.

I had wanted to bring down the Christmas stuff but that didn't happen yet...I keep putting it off...hmm what's wrong with it that is seem like to much work or that I just don't know how Hank will deal with the stuff and do I want to go through the training of that..well what ever it is today is the day... must bring it down and working xmas cards and make dinner for family niece as ask for some help about a present for her mom and I invited her over to look at my personal library and see if it sparks some ideas and then I can help steer her towards what she needs and what will work best.  Kind of excited to hear her ideas...and of course got to ask the other niece over because she love homemade Taco's.. so going into the creative mode of cooking and creating a festive homestead today... and really try to slip in some time in the studio too.

Had a great time a the MCS meeting so many people showed up, had to be over 20 or so and we did a small gift exchange which I received a really nice bracelet.. The MCS group is growing and it's a good strong sturdy growth where people do care and the right people step up for the jobs ideas are shared and acted upon...and we always put out a good spread of food too..

Ok off to climb in the attic. 


  1. Where the heck is the attic?

  2. Right before you walk in to Stevie room there's a stairway that heads up there and you pull down the hidden stairs.

  3. All the coons moved next door? Ha ha!


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