Monday, December 27, 2010

Preparing for the New Year...What all ready?

I had a wonderful day of walking in the woods and puttering around the homestead.  I'm one that takes the holiday stuff down see I didn't put much up...I'll sound like a terrible person after you here this but oh well...every year I go through this martyrdom of I have to do everything poor me..well I do. I drag the stuff out of the attic and bring it down then set it up and hide the boxes it was all in for a few weeks then like yesterday I get a bug up my butt and have to put it all away...the Husband was joke but the truth..."Christmas is done away goes the decorations"  and that's just what I did...I ask if anyone minded and no one really cared so down it all came..The tree this year had been knocked over and saved by the window at lest three time and lost a few of it fake limbs which got plugged back in quickly.  I neatly put it all back in the box thinking that's done now...On with the new year and what's ahead...I also sat quietly while the husband watched his American chopper show(reruns) and went through the little file cabinet we have and cleaned it out...preparing for the tax time...Another thing I really don't like to do but do it anyways..mainly I have to do them because of all the art business stuff.  I feel so much better when it's done though...I have to pay my Illinois state taxes by Jan 21 and get a move on it all for my young adults and there financial aid for College...Oh the jobs we have to do and don't like to... I would like to make it up to the studio today but will see...I've been putting some extra time in to walking in the woods and really enjoying the smells, and tracks..and the so very crispy freshness out there.  Walked by a cross country skier taking a break and found out he lives by my sister in Woodridge and next to the Girl Scout Camp that I used to lead hikes at...I was concider an Naturalist...funny how I long to do that again...Hmm new year and that could be a direction again.. It always amazes me when you take the time to have a nice little chat what you find out about another person.. 

Our Christmas season has been a very wonderful time with family and was again so grand and the kids seem happy by their gifts they received.. and the scrooge is ok...and no one is complaining..

Peace in and out


  1. Sounds like a great walk. Don't worry about the decorations being gone; they're just decorations. Sounds to me that the Spirit and memories live on. I wanted to take mine down today until hubby asked if we can keep them up till 1/8 when his family comes over. Right after the conversation my sis sends me a text showing new lamps where the tree had been. She already put everything away.

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  3. It's a tough call Elena...I'm so eager to start a new year and get a step on up on it that I want to take it down and put it away..I seen driving the other day a few christmas trees out on the curb I know I'm not the only one.. but my parents or my step mom would always keep it up past the 5th of Jan...some traditions I believe..and she didn't put the tree up till Dec 5th..we each have are ways...though just because the tree is down and the decor is away the spirit is strong and still speard around...its from the heart that its the most important part...right?


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