Friday, December 31, 2010

Not admitting I have a head cold....

I did make it to the studio for a good hour or so, which has been happening quiet a bit lately and it feels so good after I've been there...the commission piece is on it way..need to cut the tape off and see what wonders will come of the scrap pieces that will be added back in and then do little embellishment and varnish it and it will be ready to mat and frame. I really am a nasty guss when I get a cold or sick...for some it's  away to slow down but I've not been in high speed lately maybe in with this cold I've been  not admitting I had one for about 4 days but I can't do that any longer...So facing my facts here...a bit of holiday drama...some sugar..which I was so good to not have but fall off my wagon on and the darn cold....add it all together and it got me wanting to hide out...Turning this all around now with a positive spin..Rain days are good for hiding out and spending time puttering round and what better place then a art studio..  So with it being New Years Eve today I can't ask for a better plan for the day....I do have to some paper sorting to do too so it will all fall in place.
Happy New Years Everyone!!

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