Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little self care

I've been playing around with a bit of scratchy throat and gunk in nose the last few days and some of my people in the homestead have a nice head cold so I figured I'll be getting it soon...Had lunch with a dear friend at the Travelers Cafe in Westmont...good food a some extra $, but just like mom would make so it's worth it...Had a great roasted tomato soup too. We chatted and exchange holiday stories and then watched  two moms come in with a group of boys...(had to be about 2 1/2 and 3 years old,)I think they were having the grilled cheese and soup combo...such cute cups they have for the kids too..and there all about the same age...I couldn't help but keep an eye on them now and then...  big snow boots they barely could walk in but chatting up a Storm and the moms a bit relieved to sit in a safe place and enjoy a bit of manageable chaos....One mom said she's sorry for the noise and hope that they we're disrupting out time there in the Cafe...Robyne and I both shared, it was perfectly find, in fact I would have enjoyed watching them all interact but that might seem a bit strange now a days a person watch children sitting in a booth..My memories of bringing all the kids out to have lunch, we would go to McDonald's all ways or dinner at Royal Shield Rest. that use to be on the corner of 75th street and Cass ave.  that was a save place to let down your hair a bit and let the kids be...though they would stick us in the big round table in the back corner, it worked for us.. So after lunch I was feeling good spiritually from sharing a nice time with a friend but physically I needed to just be too, I wanted to head up stairs to the studio but when I got home I putter round the house and folded some laundry and made a cup of tea and sat and read...My mind was saying you should should just sit here and read...give yourself a break...this week seems like the prefect week for that...I seem to have a few more lunch dates with creative types this week.  Ending the year on a calm note and easing into the new year...with a calm warm breezes off the lake... well heading out today for my art work at Naperville art League...pick up day and to check to see how many have signed out for the Tuesday class starting in Jan...

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  1. Hope you continue to feel blessed in the new year. SAvor the day.


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