Thursday, December 16, 2010

I received some good news

I got a call yesterday from Debbie V at the Naperville Art League, while I had her on the phone I asked her if anyone has signed up for my class I'm offer there in Janurary and she said 5 are on the list... Music to my ears...I have to say I was a bit afraid I would have students..I need a brake, mentally from teachings long enough to know I do enjoy it and miss it greatly.. So renewed energies and ideas are just overflowing in my head...I'm just so delight to hear that..

well I've got to get the butt moving so much more to do and get ready for, I've been trying to wrap as I purchase but not always working out so will fit in a little studio time and then do some wrapping on the big tables up stairs. 

I just wanted to show you where this page spread is going...this is my second Make Your Mark Journal, I receive a thank you gift from a dear friend and the gift bag she gave me was calling to have something done to it and "please use me"   so I've put it  in my journal..and as the cover of the CWJ is drying with gesso so was this page..the beauty of this all is a place to really explore and play..and I have not instructions as of what to do clearly a trust walk as of my own creative guidance is taking the lead..and the inner critic is on a long over do vacation...I do hope she stays so long she doesn't want to come back..(I mean my inner doubting Thomas of a critic that I call Sue..not offence to anyone called's just a name)  I will continue on a page for a few days and may even come back to weeks later and add to it as it calls for or not.. Just pure fun something us adults for get to have in our life's...I have to remark on a comment some one said to me just yesterday on a Facebook message..Jane said You look like you have such fun doing you art.  Now I've heard that so many times that it's hard to say it's job of mine and I do work at it daily in some form or another. Do I know where it will take me now but I do know there is a plan already laid out and it's my job to flow that in little steps. 
The grey cup was the gift in the bag I used for my MYM funny now how it's grey and thats been my colors for the last have of the year that I've been using in my collage works.  Hmmm connections...

And this morning I my new coffee cup with the words Living the Dream..the husband thought that was funny and got a good chuckle. I asked if he wanted one, that I would order one for him but he doesn't like the ceramic cups, especially when your outside...that cup get cold and in seconds you have ice coffee.

Back side of the cups...I'm in heaven when I have a good cup of coffee with a little half and half in it.. no sugar please. 

I know of a dear friend who has Dementia and she was sharing that she knows theres a plan for her to but doesn't know what it is but she if she knows there's a plan that's a special connection... The book I'm touching base on 37 days by Patti Digh shares about a few stories of an Aunt that knows she's losing her memory too and how she tries so hard to keep it but know's she slipping away...hits you right in the heart...well there's a plan for each of us..Know it and go forward. 

Just some


  1. Glad you have students filling in, not waiting for the last minute! Nice coffee mugs! I'm not ready to be altering my journal so drastically yet. Those anal tendencies, ya know?

  2. don't for get the journal can be anything as long as it stays the size of 5 x 8 ish...


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