Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glue pages and checking things off the lists

I've been working now on three different session of glue pages together on the book I posted yesterday..I would like to continue that today.   I have much to do as the book is not that thick but the gluing is a process..I guess I like the drama this is creating in my own mind of fitting it all in...hard pattern to stop...I'm one that works well when there is constant pressure...and when there is I hear the words from my youth...get busy...or you should be doing something or with the time you have you should have this, this and that done... Nature of the growing up, not complaining just understanding and looking back at it with thanks that I was giving the gift to do...Well my Christmas present are sent out to my out of town family and that makes me feel good that's done. When I went out yesterday  well I did that twice as ventured out in the wilds of the shopping world I found out most of the stuff for one of my children has to be purchased on line...so in the evening I was able to let the fingers do the shopping...what a relief that is... now I hope it gets here in time...

Now the tension has been building up in my insides so walking is always a good stress reliever but the air and wind have been really cold and the four legged critters have the same extra tension built up so we walked but not as long yesterday...Hank needs it every day when its not happening it's hard for him to follow my lead, its something I noticed...but yesterday was harder as of the cool blowing and his fur is only single layers not like Carl with the double layer coat so we just manages to walk the block instead of the whole neighborhood... still it makes a improvement for his attitude and extra energy.. Almost has the four big teeth coming in, you can see the bubble of them coming down..he actually cries out sometimes and rubs his head in the couch...he just wants to chew...

Well need to stay on track so I don't become derailed later... Oh have to mention the soup my mom in law brought over last night was heavenly...Beef Veggie and chalked full of veggies, and beans and you name it..all good and healthy for this time of year...was a great delight last night..and a nice grilled cheese sandwich...could have not asked for anything better. Thanks Mom!

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  1. Poor little Hank! Get him a jacket for Christmas!


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