Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A bit of news....

Like it's not already a bit overwhelming with the made rush to get holiday things done, up and sent out.. There is still life coming in and around at every angle.. so a bit of news....I was asked to judge a High School Art Show for the Argo High School, and it will be hanging at the Beverly Art Center in the Chicago..the end of January and the Reception will be the beginning of Feb 2011..and soon I'll share a site with you that a piece of my work will be in to help a family of an artist friend support them while they are helping the friend of the artist, you see she got in to a jeep acident and rolled it ended up with a spinal injury and two of her family members needs to be there with to help her when she's out the hospital..and Artist Elizabeth St.Helen Nelson as artist to help her help her childhood friend.. so Baby Bear Moon will be in the if you purchase the book 100% goes toward the family and there needs...You see the two family members have had to quit their jobs to help there sister...again I'll share the site with you as soon as she gets it up.. beautiful works in there too.
Then I've just received an email from Austin Seminary to see if I would like to be on the cover of their next book the print...I guess 6000 copies..Each year they feature a new piece of I'm in the communications part of this to see what the next steps will be... The would like the image A Moment in Time...I had to ask as of for a marketing stand point where they saw the work from...I'm waiting to hear..

Still on the hunt for new rims for the new vehicle, seems the bolt pattern and the special computer system in the tires themselves is causing a problem but we aren't giving up...we are on a mission with this.  hmmm wonder where I get the pit bull thinking from...hanging out with the husband to much  we are thinking alike on this..."we aren't letting go of this till we find something that will work"

Did a bit of Christmas Gift card shopping for out of town family a little extra. I'll need to work on getting a package ready to ship out this weekend...and all my cards are printed and family members are address and ready to go today...Now need to write an artist statement for the Facades Exhibit entry...and get that going. And then the art friend Christmas cards going out of sitting to address them.

I've had to have a talk with balance all the stuff I do and want to do daily I my have to let other things go for a bit...though not long but a bit...Holiday's come around like this once a year and if I can't get focused then I can't put my heart into..and I end up fighting what I shouldn't so for the moment I will be getting a grip with myself and tending to the holiday needs and quick my whining to myself about it if I didn't have this all to do I would be doing stuff in my studio all day... first things first and the rest will fall in place. Right?

Oh and the Make your Mark Journal has now made to Australia with Uta at the realms,  good to hear..and excited to have it really happening.


  1. Wow, Laura! Everything sounds wonderful! Lots of exciting things going on! And I can't wait to see that book. Oh, and Hank is getting to be a "big boy" now - no baby anymore. He is gorgeous!

  2. Exciting... book cover news! I'm sure you'll find the rims eventually... glad you've got some decorating and shopping out of the way!


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