Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artist date with a breakfast

I stretch out on the bridge here and head out from there and up the switch backs you can't see in the Oaks ahead.  Saw two teenage fawns standing together no doe around.. evidence of a large buck though..can see the size of the tracks and the weight of the hoofs...
My walking sticks and the path over the bridge..I walk the other way so that I'm going clock wise..always have and always will there.. I feel if I walk the other way I might add a negitive flow to things...goofy I know but something I stick too.
I sat at this row of table on the soft bench side look out...

I had wanted to invite someone to come with me this morning when I decided after my morning walk in the woods I would treat myself to breakfast at the Travelers Cafe...It's been there for some time now but it's all new to me...I've not giving myself a treat in along time like this so it really was a delight when I found out they had oatmeal and it's baked at that...Oh so good I didn't need the brown sugar or milk they served with it, just some green tea and I was set.. I brought my book Life as a Verb, I'm dabbling in reading...little did I know the short chapter that I would be reading...have you do an action step and sit in a cafe and listen...I was already sitting there looking around and feel so right...I was envisioning other people sitting there with me and us sharing with this book ...Now I told myself I wasn't going to start another group...(thought if I may say so one of my skills is to get people motivated and start things)  I could believe how and who I say sitting with me around the table...a whole bunch  of creative know those kind of people that enjoy good discussion over food and sharing stories..and doing some creative'm going to leave that one to the Higher Spirit for guidance...I have a load of things coming up this new year that's not even here but I would really like to here and see what I could do about this the one lady said after she saw me taking the picture that there are a whole bunch of people that come in there and have book discussions... Hmmmmm

came home to walk the dogs and clean up the back yard of landmines and get it ready for the next batch of snow coming...sounds so terrible that I talk about this but with the new guy Hank he's an eating machine as fast as it goes in it comes out..and even though I walk him around in the year the first month or so to help him get use to things he still does his duty on the snow covered concrete area and I surely don't want to be cleaning up that in the spring time so as it freezes I'm dutifully cleaning it up..maintenance lets call it..

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  1. Fun! Another book I have to have!


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