Monday, November 01, 2010

Way to wordy for myself yesterday...

After a very introspective morning with myself I heading out to the woods with the dogs.  Ended up doing a good 2 1/2 miles, then the  Hankster just was pooping out.. ( have to remember he's just about 4 months old though big and tall already he's such a pup yet)We would do a walk for a while and then a little granny running just to get the blood pumping a bit. We all enjoyed it greatly. Had some nice encounters with other walkers of the woods and we stopped and chatted..good to socialize...amazes me the instincts of the puppy so cautious where Carl is just like you doing..hmm you smell like you had bacon for breakfast and you have a cat too at home...It gives me a bigger understand about our fourlegged creatures..that is the only defensive  they have when there young like that is to be cautious, grawl and back off.   Well I thanked the couple for their time of socializing as some people don't want to bother,  but it was very nice of them to take the time and allow Hank the moment to decided if he feels comfortable meeting and greeting which he did, learning with him that you can force things like that on him..

I was able to finish up the framing details on the #5 of the faceless people..and coat all the papers. There's something about not allowing to much time between things especially in a series, it seem to lose it importance of the idea that is flowing through I I would like to get back up there to the studio today and start on another gray one..and prepare the next clayboard/cradle board for the faceless people series. (just a little goal for the day)

I was able to make about 80 more Make your Mark buttons for this Saturday,  I was given the OK to sit at the Ill. art educator association conference..IAEA  and see if I can get any of the art teachers involved.  I felt that the information didn't get out as much as I would have liked to for the art teachers so this worked out great with the help of another art teacher that gave me the idea to do this... Also on this day Saturday is My second oldest daughter turns 23 and we are having a dinner that much great stuff happening love the happy chaos..

The next day is the husbands birthday as he turns 50 this year..we are planning on buying him some of his favorite things and 50 if each of them so he likes his Cinnamon Altoids so I've got a shipment of 50 tin boxes coming in filled with cinnamon mints....I have a feeling I'm going to need to teach a class some time soon as he keeps giving me the tins and I've got a collections already.. ideas just keep flowing. 

I decided to say yes to an opportunity that I still don't know if it will be a go or not but working with a group of artist on a glass project that will hang in the large office space at the Ed Hoy's International.  I sent my samples out to get fired and Artist Gloria Badiner is going to send me samples so I can get an idea of how the product cute yesterday the husband was chatting with his buddy on the other side of the neighborhood and his daughters have done some fusion with the glass in the art class at High School.  It was so exciting to see the enthusiasm in my husband about this and how he shared it with his friend. (Support comes when you lest expect it...don't every let me doubt that..personal reminder here..)

Well we do need to get Hank a dog bed..the couch is not going to last with him on it much longer, not that he's chewing it up but soon we will have guests for thanksgiving and we need to get a change happening as to where it is OK for him to be.. not that we won't let him up on the couch but with more people coming over a safe place for him is a soft area to lay down on... yes we are pure dog lovers that allow our dogs on the couch.. that's why we have big stock in the roller with the tap on it that picks up lint and hair...hahahaha. 

Well babbling and rambling on much to do today.. bustin the move on it all...and loving every minute.. and I can't help but say "Living the Dream" slogan for me...

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  1. Get Hank a kong to fill with treats to keep him occupied and working his brain! Good to hear that new "livin' the dream" slogan!


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