Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Make your Mark journal spreads.

 Passion, 12 x 12 collage on canvas,

 Two more pages on my journal..this is flyer picture from when I went to Kohler Museum before heading up to door county with my Cousin Doris and to stop in to the Flying pig to pick up art.
I wanted to be in the studio and happy to say got lost for about three hours..not sure what I was doing but I was happy that I made it there.. heading up there today too.

Took a nice walk in the woods with the dogs and it was great..met up some other walkers of the woods and the 5 month old boxer...which last time we saw him Hank was about the same height but not any more.. he's about 5 inch taller.. it was a good walk as Hank really remember and enjoyed himself before he wasn't sure and was acting up a bit but that could be it was a long walk...and his attention isn't.. Much to do to get back into the groove of things...


  1. Nice journal pages!
    There were about 50 crows on the street when I looked out the work window! Do they migrate?

  2. Love your pages, Laura! So interesting!


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