Saturday, November 13, 2010

second sketch

Something about not giving up...and letting go of expecations that can be wonderful... I've started a second sketch of the design I need to present on pressure but I do need something to show..I cut out a picture of Ed Hoy and I'm hoping to draw inspiration from his sweet gentle face and all the good things I hear from the empolyees and his business ethics...Midwest theme too. don't know as I work on one I think of different angles to approach this, which I think is a good thing to realize and only because there will be many sketches and do over through out this journey of working with others.. Something one has to realizes from the start..and keep in fore front of there/mine mind..

well got to head out,  list calls for now and studio time this afternoon.


  1. My list grows with each step I take! First morning home in over a month!

  2. Hi Laura, I'm your latest follower. I started experimenting with collage after my 6-year-old and I read "Matisse: Painitng with Scissors" together. I found your site while doing a search for collage techiques and found it inspiring. Thanks also for sharing about your creative process and how it doesn't always work the first time. Looking forward to future posts! Sheila

  3. You will get there Laura. Remember they chose you for a reason. They like your work so just give it to them. Don't worry that it will be made out of different materials. Just do what you good at and go get em girl.

  4. Doris, Hope you where able to use the morning as you saw fit..

    Hi good to hear from you and how exciting to be working with your daughter on this new adventure you on in collage.. and I'm still stuggling and wrestling with this gosh it's only needs to be a sketch on a masterpiece...crazy how I can get sometimes about things..where's that two by four I think I need a rap across the knoggin..for a better perspective on this....tehehe.

    Oh girl friend thanks for the reminder and bring me to the ground level instead of whizzing around willy nilly like..

    peace in and around girls thanks.


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