Thursday, November 25, 2010

a little Elder Wisdom today

Elder's Meditation of the Day - November 25

"People and nations who understand the Natural Law are self-governing, following the principles of love and respect that insure freedom and peace."

-- Traditional Circle of Elders, NAVAJO-HOPI Joint Use Area

The Natural Laws work hand-in-hand with the circle. Each part of a circle will look to the center and will see something different. For example, if you put an irregular shaped object in the center of a circle and you have people standing in a circle around the object, each one will describe it differently. Everyone in the circle will be right. Only by honoring and respecting everyone's input, can the truth about the object be revealed. We need to learn to honor differences.

My Creator, let me honor all differences.


  1. Wonderful wisdom. A Thanksgiving prayer. And oh, look at that Hank! What a sweetheart. You too, Carl!

  2. Funny, I just read about all people having parts of the truths, every opinion has some background. Granted not always understood as spoken.


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