Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Heading to Geneva today

I will be dropping offsome art and picking up some other works at the Gallery Artemisia in Geneva today..then heading to the woods and home to the studio...simple but progressive plans..my frames will be coming in and I can frame up the Gray-Yellow series and be done with them and move on to the other 8 then, primed 12 x 12 canvases.   I just might pull out the scroll saw...still in the box do you believe it?...but life though it has been good, it still  hasn't allowed me the time to focus on reading up on the saw how to's if you know what I mean.. 

The piece you see above is a series I did about chickens a while back and this is one of the 11 x 14 one's. I'm bring them to the gallery today..I  feel these may fit in her place, and  thought they might be a good match..not sure if she will like them or not and if she doesn't it's not the end of the world..I'll just be leaving no work behind...but I will give it my best try.. Kurka is Ukrainian for Chicken and the writing in the pieces is Ukrainian and it's about a group of artist getting together on an artist retreat...Tania a friend of mine shared this with everyone that year awhile back.. this year I had to cancel going..just to many family and business needs that had to be taken care of.  Well I need to write up something now to bring out there to her...Debra that is the owner of the Artemisia Gallery space. 

Off to put the writers cap on...and hope for the best.


  1. I think the series they'll fit in well at Artemesia and maybe... ready made Christmas purchases! Best wishes!

  2. No go for the Kurka series...Chickens are a bit hit in the Geneva area I guess and it's a bit to country for her place...so on were I went and left three at Cindy Fields Design...I'm sure they will be well received there. Can't win them all but did have about 20 minutes of ugly feelings then pull the mental boots on and headed down the road...a little no now and then can't hurt this gal..


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