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Monday, November 08, 2010

A day off might be needed

Had a hard time sleeping last night, I figure the sugar that I didn't pass on and hormonal stuff... so today I have to take Hank in for his shots and weigh in and then a simple dinner for tonight and some much need time to veg and maybe do a bit of reading...I've got the next story to read with the gal in the Artist Way Journey group.  Being that I've read this book before I can see there's lots underlined and highlighted...hmmmm, that is always interesting when I go back into a book and reread it and see how things have changes and that I'm not in the same spot I was when I read it the first time...so excited to see what turns up now, hopefully I'm seeing growth and not stale and stagnation..

The Birthday weekend went well, all birthday people are happy and we had a good time visiting with family...lots of belly laughing going on...and happily report the Ribs where great and the crumb cake didn't fall.

When I walked yesterday I went to the woods myself..I've not done that for about three weeks now since we brought Hank into the family... I really needed that time to be with myself.  I usually go three times around but only two because I know I would be taking the four legged fellow out around the hood when I got back. The people that you encounter out there are always so happy...makes me feel so good. Did my share of praying and heard may words of wisdom so the medicine was good.  I came around the bend after the tall grass prairie and there stood a doe and a young buck with her...must have been her newest one this spring..you could see the small nubs of antlers trying to pop up. Next year a small rack will appear, but this year just the nubs.  The smell is so sweet out there it really is a wonderful experience for all my senses... I would like to go today early but I believe I would be running my body down and with some sneezing and not good sleep I will pass.. not that being in the woods isn't good, pushing myself is not good. 

Oh the studio needs a good cleaning I've been having a ball creating these small 12 x 12 piece of gray and yellow.....before I went to Door County just recently I had all these 12- 12 x 12 canvas ready to do something with and when I got back I started on a experiment of my own in less in more concept..and I created these four new piece...not sure about them but lets say it's about an exploratory mood... While up in Door County the times that we went to the shoreline it was evening or day time but the rain and mist made it a bit melancholy.  I have to order another black frame but while I do that I think I'll order some of the walnut ones too that weren't in before and then finish up the other of the 12 canvas and then start on the clayboard with a new idea... plans are in the making now to keep there importance's and not get lost in the holiday happenings which will be easy to do.. I seem to have these spurs of inspirations when I'm needed else where...why is that...then it becomes a obesession to get it done between the other stuff or sounds nicer to call it a challenge and assignment doesn't it?  Well it works for me..

Gray Yellow IV
12 x 12 collage on canvas,
Stained gray tissue papers with white lunch bags crinkled and re purposed with gesso and yellow acrylic.

Gray Yellow III
12 x 12 Collage on canvasStained gray tissue papers with white lunch bags crinkled and re purposed with gesso and yellow acrylic.

                                                                     Gray Yellow II
                                                           12 x 12 collage on canvas,
       Stained gray tissue papers with white lunch bags crinkled and re purposed with gesso and yellow acrylic.

Gray Yellow I
12 x 12 Collage on canvas
Stained gray tissue papers with white lunch bags crinkled and re purposed with gesso and yellow acrylic.

I found myself very pleased with the different shades of Gray and only using the yellow papers, the way the stained tissue papers adhered to the coated surface with the tack iron really added the special line quality it asked for.. I'm happy with them mainly because I continued my schedule of working in the studio almost every day on them and that there part of a self exploratory directions...Plus the colors of gray have entered my life this this past few months with working on the Faceless people series that I not finished with that color yet for some reason...it's feels safe to me and comforting..Sounds a bit off but I always see the gray soft leggings and a comfort t-shirt with a over sized sweater as an end of evening thing and the comfort with that all.. even though the piece are a bit darker then what I describe there's a connection there...Can I say I'm in a gray period...I think I can say that..   again I love what Robert Rauschenberg said I working with a piece or series till I know it or till I'm bored with it..and I can totally understand...moving on to cleaning the studio and ordering some frames to finish this series and complete the rest of the 8 canvases calling to be presented with something...


  1. They are fantastic gray pieces! I really enjoy seeing them. The gold becomes so enchanting buried deep in the gray.

  2. I have t say I am enjoying your gray period. The yellow shines through like a ray of sunshine or perhaps some hidden pirates gold. You are right about the comfort of gray. Its the colour I choose for my mooching around the house clothes.

  3. these are beautiful!

  4. smiles Ladies :) thanks


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