Monday, November 22, 2010

changes happening all over the place

In this case we(husband, I and the family) have activated the change, as of new pet and new vehicle. But I can't help myself but deep down knowing this was coming.. We aren't a big family that goes on long vacations or lavish shopping trips ever weekend or wears the designer clothes. we are more like the family that has the roll of duck tape and a screw driver handy at ever turn and our spare time is spent fixing what we have.. Both the husband and I came from families like that (proud of it too) so at this point in our lives 50 and almost 50 we are looking for a bit change but nothing so drastic we can't handle it...with all four children still living in the home( some paying college back and other floating and still the last ones second year in community college )all over 19 years of age we have change happening all around every day, but I have to say it's happening in manageable stages..Now what this has to do with this topic I don't know but I'm going to find some of measuring your success.  I look at it a bit different,   I'm looking into the opportunity in the future as long a I point my feet in the right directions and keep them stead fast, work hard and give thanks at every turn I will feel successful... I have an idea about things and I've been blessed to be able to act on those ideas with a little help from above of course.   Things are by far  not perfect and I'm accepting that there not to be perfect, it is the way it is..I've with all the wonderful family chaos of the Thanksgiving Holiday upon our back door the brain is trying to escape to the new year and planning that out..Like I need more to think about right now but that's the creativity kicking in... I've had this other book for some time...Creative Time and space- making room for making art...and I have to tell you it's right on time with everything I"m doing... here is an exercise...Write on a piece of paper Left brain, dividing line and then Right brain..Now put down all the things you do each day that you figure is Left brain and then put all the Right brain stuff on the other side...

here's mine.. for one day...
Left brain                                                Right Brain
non creative                                            creative
*Make beds                                           *morning pages
*pick up house                                       *walk with our with out dogs
*dishes, laundry                                      * writing up description for classes and workshops
*bills- art and home                                * cooking
*book keeping (art)                                *Creating art
*computer time                                      *out to lunch with friends
*phone calls, business home stuff            * thinking creatively on how to carry out ideal plans and goals.

now I'm to hang this up to see it... that's nothing else...
 I'm good at that kind of stuff as by hanging a list of things to do in the next month I'm looking at that list hanging off the refrigerator every day...  the connections I've read in the first few pages relates to  "I'm not alone as an artists in this big scheme of things and juggling life"...I know I wasn't the only one but it's kind of neet to read about  others and what they do to work it out...

so back to things changing...if I would like to see the change then I have to be the first to make the willing to be uncomfortable and unfamiliar with what it is and then allow it time to settle in and become part of..then the next change will be upon me with out warning and I will continue to grow...( I have a promise with myself that I will never go stale and sit in chair when I get old and sing the poor me song)  right now your probably wondering where this crazy person is coming from but I see things and the things that I've seen in the past have come to be so why waste a good thing that happening...I've only got one on to "Living the Dream"

Right now I also have to expect that the holiday and family needs have to be first and the creating in the studio will sit for a few days but after that look out..I've collected the color schemes predicted for the spring of 2011 and see how that inspires my work..not my colors but willing to switch it up a bit.. There's the work I do for me and the work I do for the public and I need to so both...Off now to get ready for the day I have a morning meeting with a younger gal and I so look forward to sitting and have tea..and being help to her by just that listening..

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  1. Like the way it's all planned out!


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