Sunday, November 07, 2010

Birthday Weekend

 Madaline Rose Svencner..."Maddie"  23 years old.. Happy to have her Mint choc. chip choc. cake for her birthday..
Had to put all 23 candles on there for her... caught her in the act of blowing out the candle.

Today is the dear man's 50th birthday...had a hard couple of weeks accepting it all but now the jokes are done and he can settle into the age he feels he is...We plan to have a rib dinner today so I'll be creatively cooking and baking them...His mother is baking his favorite Crumb Cake.  All the family members have purchased something he likes and 50 of them so it should be a fun time opening the presents tonight. 

Recap from the IAEA conference... it was really a surprise to see the amount of art teachers there. Had some interested people share stories with us...Doris and I sat at the table right next to the Registration table with our props and registration forms. We had about 15 more people signed up..I had expected to have them all gone but not all the people were able to walk by the table and see it but the do know about it  Becky the chair person for the conference had the information up on line for the teachers...So now what to do with the rest of the journals..some ideas are being thought about and I'll bring it to the committee to see what they think..Not disappointed more grateful that they let us be there and a small part of the event.. When putting a project together one never knows how the out come will really just have to go on the hopes that your doing all you can and what comes of it will be what it's to moving forward and with great appreciation and acceptance. 

Now a good walk in the woods this morning and I think I just might do it alone without my four legged friends...I need a long one to just regroup so I don't poop out.. You know some time with the Great Spirit..
Also started reading The Creative Life-Julia Cameron's new book...I'm hooked to her way of writing and thoughts...can't help it...thinking of a cycle of artist way again or her other book about God is No Laughing Matter...not sure yet...need my inspirations and feeling a bit stagnet so I always turn to her books they have helped me stay focused on what is best for me...


  1. Happy birthday Maddie and Hubby!!! Whoo hoo! Celebrations!

  2. More birthday wishes! I wonder where I put that new book?


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