Friday, November 12, 2010

At the drawing board a bit of pressure

So I made it to the studio and was not sure what the heck I was to do...
1. it will hang on the wall.
 2. it will have three panels....
3. it will be a combination of different glass art techniques...(which I have no idea about)
4. I don't have to worry how it will hang...not my job...(that's good)

So with that wide open door on this project I need some guidelines...I was whining a bit and getting a bit frustrated and then I went to what I know...tearing and collaging papers and while I was out to lunch, (treated myself) I brought the folder with extra white paper and some other image ideas and I did a quick sketch..I mean a really quick sketch...step one
...and felt good about that..then when I came home I headed up to the studio and got lost...step two...
Cut up the board I was going to do it on. it was taped and coated with polymer and even had some scribbles with a pastel on it to break up the white surface...step three...
Frustrated more grabbed a board out of the box from Cresent that I'm to experiment with and coated that with polymer..step four...
Then I looked at the sketch I did and started tearing papers and working with scraps...You see I don't sketch..well I don't sketch collage ideas...I just have it in my head and run with it and see what happens..and I have some papers on the nice mat board surface but...I don't like what I did...step five
so now this morning I am thinking about all this and I have to say I'm really glad I took these steps...some how I'm to be doing this...gut say so and I need to got to fail before you succeed...right... I have a different game plan for today and I have three more days to play around with it and it will be another go at it..and the fear of the projects is taking less out of me then yesterday... but my attitude of it has to be perfect will need some readjusting and that might be what this is all about..who knows but I'm doing it any ways.. the worse that can happen in this is they don't like what I do and find someone else...might hurt but not a personal thing.. on with working on the day's list and the sketch...I really would like to do well but know that expectations need to be dropped down a bit on this, it only to be a rough and beginning stage not the end result..(personal pep talk) 

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  1. There is no better teacher than failure. That's true knowledge. Keep that positive attitude going!


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