Friday, October 22, 2010

Road trip recap and visit to emergency

Well silly me was checking out other place to see while I was down in the mid state area and I happen to type in the Peoria Art Center first in the GPS had another hour or so to go to the Gallery to drop off work...all worked out well but longer then we would have liked.. Gallery is great and so are the people, I will not be making it to the opening reception..just to long to drive for the evening hours and the next day I have to be at the IAEA conference so overbooking my week needs to be always checked into..
so after getting home from the road trip, made a quick dinner and around 8:30 the son comes in with a bump on his head and a very sore shoulder...scared that it might be a break we high tailed it over to the Hospital and sat for 3 hours..though we were looked at during that time it was long. and all my son wanted to do is go home and sleep.  It turned out to be a Shoulder Separation and be Knot on the head, or Contusion.. may end up with a black eye but may not too.  I guess he was riding his bmx bike and jumped off the ramp came down on the front tire and flip over the handle helmet and was saying he should have been wearing one..what can you do?? 19 and is invincible..Super boy!!  Glad nothing is broken..puts a damper on the activities, college and work...I will be trying to get an appointment  today to see the doc... Oh life is so full and sometimes  the cup flows over...grateful it wasn't broken..

Many things going on today and the need to walk in the woods and be in the studio is so strong...will have to allow it to pass though..and tend to the families needs...


  1. Some healing on it's way!

  2. Ouch. Its hard being a mother some times isn't it. Hope he heals quickly.


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