Thursday, October 28, 2010

I managed to hang out for a short time in the studio yesterday long enough to coat the two piece I finished.. I debating if I want to make more stained tissue papers or use what I have...choices always needing to make them..  Then I leashed up the four legged buddies and we head to the woods for the first time that is for Hank..Carl knew where he was going..He's so funny as he sits on the front seat and won't go by the window...I don't blame he put his paw on the button and the window when up one time and he almost didn't get his head out..scary all happened so fast...well since that time he sits so gentle like, while Hank was between the van seat a bit wrestles but calmed down some what. We did some granny trotting and walking, meet the male boxer which is Max and Lois the owner and it was a  good visit for the dogs as we chatted and the dogs were so relaxed and we comment on how our behaviour as the human beings reflectss on to the critters. Doris and I shared about that..and how when we have problems with the pets we must first look at our behavior and see if it's us that needs the changing first..the animals only flow our vibes...and it's been proven many time over.. Well I was going to go around a second time, ( my normal is 3 time around = 6miles) but I was watching Hank drag his back legs abit...don't want to over do him...he's still sleeping quiet abit, all the bone growing he's like each day it looks like an inch was added either up or length wise.   Lois Max owner seen that Hanks paws were already bigger then Max's...we are all hoping he'll grow into the big moose we want.. but what ever size we love him already..
I've got to go and get some elmers glue...What a collage artist that doesn't have elmers glue?  don't use the stuff to collage with but to test the technique out for the glass collaging I need to use small dabs of elmers..
List of things to do today..I've also got to check in on the work out in Geneva...need to see if I can switch out work?  And have lunch with Eve..I've got to give her, her artwork from 4Artinc and my heart that will be going to Texas for a auction...remember that?  The Michael M. Rutledge Legacy Award.  Eve's going to ship them both out... Looking forward to lunch not see her in a long time. 

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  1. This is amazing! What is this on, paper, canvas, wood? Love the boots!


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